The 3 Best Coffee Tables in India

A coffee table is a perfect accompaniment for delighted and dashing conversations. It is one of the first things that is noticed in a living room. The coffee table basically directs the ambiance and vibe of your room. For graded quality and fashionable coffee tables, you have come to the right place. We have jotted down the best coffee tables for a home to make your living room look more lively and exuberant.

1. Priti Round Coffee Table

Priti's Coffee Table is perfect for a cluttered house and is not like an ordinary coffee table. This round table takes up very little space and has a large storage capacity. It is lightweight and hence, easy to maneuver around. It brings about an ambiance with it's rustic Veneered Engineered wood tabletop. The huge base can keep books, magazines, stationery, and even mugs and pots. It's also available in white. The design is modern yet vintage, making it a perfect fit for an aesthetic look to the living room. Although easy to move around, it is sturdy and can handle almost a great amount of weight.

2. Mehar Furniture Aurora Wooden Coffee Table

Chic in style, Mehar's Coffee Table will make your living room vibrant yet simple. This candid coffee table is perfect for active conversations. It is absolute for guests wherein it can hold books and also mugs. It is made from solid wood that brings out the originality and fetching nature of the table. It is durable and light-weighted, which makes it easy to handle and maintain. The coffee table is available in four different colors which you can choose according to your taste.

3. DeckUp Siena Coffee Table

The DeckUp Siena Coffee Table is voguish and highly convenient. It is made from engineered wood and laminated for a glossy finish. 6 separate compartments can be used to hold books, magazines, mugs, showpieces, snack platters, and much more. The product requires basic assembling that can be done with ease with their detailed instructional guide. However, maintenance of the table has to be done with a careful touch. Cleaning the table with water may ruin the material and can only be cleaned with a dry cloth. Distinctive in design and building, this coffee table will make your living room look sophisticated and elegant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a good quality coffee table?

A good coffee table should be first and foremost be sturdy. It should be durable, convenient, have a good finish, and of good material. Choose one that suits your style and the ambiance of your living room.

What material is best for a coffee table?

Wood is the best and most preferable material for a coffee table. It can go with almost any type of living room and is more convenient and durable.

How often should I wash a coffee table?

It depends on the material of the coffee table. Some types of wood maybe not be suitable for washing with water, whereas some may not. Either way, it is recommended to dust the table every day. Clarify the instructions before buying the product.

Are plastic coffee tables better than the rest?

In terms of durability and thermal capacity, no. Plastic may easily get destroyed due to wear and tear. Coffee tables are also where hot drinks such as tea and coffee are put, leading to plastic being ruined. 

How long does an average coffee table last?

Depending upon the wear and tear, a good quality coffee table will last for about 5- 15 years.

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