3 Best Label Printers For Sticker Printing in India

So, you are looking for the best label printers? One may wonder, why would one need a label maker even in this era? Label Makers are a great way to organize and label what, how, and where things/items are. Organization advantages to the audience's ease and comfort. It is simple and easy to use and can be used often within seconds. We have selected for you, some of the best label makers for shipping sticker printing.

1. Casio KL-820 Label Printer

This label maker can display 16 digits in 4 lines each. There are five print styles for the consumer to choose from- Normal, Outline, Shadow, and Raised. There are also five fonts available, namely, Sans-serif, Sans-serif Italic, Sans-serif Rounded, Roman, and Roman Italic. This simple to use label maker is intuitive and has 60 built-in label appealing designs. It is incredibly convenient with its amazing settings such as print preview, tape length setting, character pitch, letter alignment, printing number setting, and layout. The bonus feature is that it can print over 14 national languages and 6 language switching. This is the right label maker for you if you're looking to get creative and innovative.

2. DYMO Authentic D1 Labels

Made in Belgium, DYMO label maker is an amalgam of almost every feature needed to get experimental and imaginative. The labels are available in 12 colors and 5 widths. The tests and prints are smudge-free and resist fading. One unique feature about this label maker is that it follows thermal transfer printing, ie, ink or toner is not needed to produce a text. This helps save time money and time. It has an easy-peel backing yet a strong adhesive to make sure that it sticks to a surface while at the same time not leaving any residue. 

3. Casio XR-18YW1-W-DJ Lab Printer Tape

Though slightly priced, this product is worth it. This is of great quality and has a variety of colors to choose from. This makes the organization smoother and effective. It is 18mm in size and is adhesive in nature. It is suggestively compatible with Casio KL-HD1 label printer, Casio KL-G2 label printer, Casio KL-7400 label printer, Casio KL-820 label printer, and Casio KL-120 label printer. If you're looking for a simple and quality label maker, then this is the one!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What should one look for in a good quality label maker?

A good quality label maker should be wear and tear-resistant, durable, convenient, and efficient. All types of label makers will have various features and it is important to know what works for you. Hence we have chosen some of the best label makers for work. 

How long should a label maker last?

Depending upon its usage, a label maker should last at least five years. 

Do all label makers need ink?

No. There are label makers available that do not require the usage of ink or tone. Our third option, DYMO Authentic D1 Labels, is one of them.  

Are all label makers the same?

No. There will be numerous label makers, each with its own features and specifications. Choose what is most reliable and effective for you.

How often should we change the tape for the label maker?

It is best to keep track of how much tape of the label maker is being used. Replacing a new tape when it's less than 10cm long.

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