3 Best Dish Racks for Kitchen in India

It is extremely difficult to get work done in the kitchen if it is a mess and clutter. The dishes and queries are all over the place when in a hurdle. This is when dish racks come in handy. They help arrange and organize almost every utensil and dish. It is convenient and time-saving. If you're lost on which dish rack to buy, you need no worry. We have selected the best dish racks for the kitchen and listed them out.

1. Angel Bear Popular Combo Kitchen Sink Organiser

Simple and sufficient in size, the Angel Bear dishrack is perfect for a kitchen with compact spacing. The material is BPA-free plastic. It is light weighted and has a suction on the bottom so that the rack can remain sturdy on any surface. The package also comes with a sink corner that can be placed to hold scrubs. The drain tray empties the water directly to the sink with ease and convenience. One main plus point of this product is that it is not oy used for holding and arranging dishes but also for washing fruits and vegetables.

2. SROY Enterprise Stainless Steel S Shape 

SROY dish wash is the one for you if your kitchen is disarrayed with dishes. It has two tires accompanying a cutlery drying basket and a cup drainer on the sides. The top tier can hold 17 plates whereas the top rack is absolute for holding bowls and mugs. The side drainer can hold 6 cups and the side compartment can be used to hold cooking tools or dry utensils. It also comes with a plastic tray at the bottom to prevent the excess water from dripping on the countertop. Easy to assemble and rust-free, this dish rack is perfect for a cluttered countertop.

3. PENADIA 2 Tier Plastic Kitchen Dish Drainer Drying Rack

Innovative with its design, Penadia Dish Rack is a smart option to organize and keep your kitchen clean. It is made of non-toxic material and is moisture-proof, mold-proof, and stain-resistant. There are two tiers with plenty of space to hold plates deftly. One amazing feature of this dish rack is that the drip tray collects the excess water and directs it to the sink via a built-in channel. With the ability to hold a large number of dishes, this dish rack is ideal for a sleek and elegant kitchen.


Q. What should I look for in a good quality dish rack?

A good dish rack should check the following boxes: ample storage capacity, sturdiness, convenience, and good and toxic-free material.

Q. Should I wash my dish rack?

Yes. It is important to wash a dish rack. Dirt, dust particles, residue, and even insects can stick to the rack and may spoil the dishes as well.

Q. How often should I wash a dish rack?

Washing the dish rack at least once in two weeks is recommended. The dirt particles may stick to the rack, and in turn, be collected on the dishes and utensils.

Q. How long will a dish rack last?

A dish rack should last a pretty long time if any physical damage isn't done to it intentionally.

Q. Are all dish racks of good quality?

It depends on the brand and price. There will be some products that are being sold at high prices for cheap quality. One has to be aware of quality assurance and safety to avoid deceit.

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