Top 3 Home Theatres in India

If you are looking for the best home theatres that will amplify your experience of watching movies or playing games, you have come to the right place. There are numerous brands claiming to have the best home theatre. However, we have come up with the best three leading home theatres in the market. Let's check them out.

1. Sony HT-IV300

The Sony Entertainment Network has proven itself yet again with the launch of this model Sony HT-IV300 home theatre system, the best in its class. The product consumes 100 Watt power along with an outstanding 5.1 surround sound channel. This model has two front speakers plus one in the center and two on both sides; this will enhance your experience and give you a theatre-like feel. The stylish and compact designed home theatre system has various features that make this device, the best in its category like plug and play and Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

2. Philips SPA8000B/94

Another product that proves to be one of the best among the three is Philips SPA8000B/94. It stands out from the crowd because of a number of reasons like it has Bluetooth, card slots for music, and images plus USB to transfer files. It also consumes only 120 Watt power and has a sound configuration of 5.1 channels. Another attractive attribute of this home theatre system is that it is compatible with devices like laptops, computers, TV, mobiles, tablets which widens its range of use.

3. Sony HT-RT40

The third product that made it to our list is a home theatre by Sony HT-RT40. This model has technologies and features that will definitely give you the best experience. Features like 5.1 Dolby Digital sound channel, NFC, BlueTooth technology, and easily controllable from sony music center app. Further, you can use to connect with the TV with a simple USB cord. One of the most exciting parts of the home theatre is that you can access devices like mobile phones, laptops, or any kind of Bluetooth device. So this is definitely the highlight.


Which is the best brand for a home theatre?

Sony is by far the leading brand for home theatres. If you are looking for a specific device, we suggest you go with the Sony HT- RT 40.

Which home theatre is better: Philips or Sony? 

It depends on the purpose of your use, whether you are looking forward to using it as a home theatre or as a laptop sound system. For home theatres, our recommendation will bend towards Sony since they are the leading brand in this genre. However, Philips is no less than Sony

Are the speakers connected through the wire?


Can the home theatre systems be remote controlled?

Yes, all three home theatre systems come with universal remote control.

Does the home theatre system connect through HDMI?

Provided your TV or connecting device has HDMI ports you can connect the home theatre systems with HDMI ports.

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