3 Best Breakfast Cereals For Weight Loss in India

Health is wealth is something that we all know and most of us try to follow this to ensure a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes due to hectic schedules, we skip breakfast or eat junk food just to fill our stomachs. Breakfast is the first meal we have after having tea, coffee, or juice, so we must eat something that will not be too heavy yet it will provide us the nutrients and energy that we need to consume so that we can work hard. Here are our best three breakfast portions of cereal to give you a boost. 

1.Kellogg’s Crunchy Granola Almonds

One of the best and popular Brand Kelloggs brings you its crunchy granola almond and cranberry cereal. It is packed with nutrients like golden wheat, corn crispies, and wholegrain oats. It is also providing loads of fruits and nuts like almonds, cranberries plus it does not have any cholesterol. It also has 24% fruits and nuts so not only you are getting nutrients from cereal but also from fruits and nuts which is a must-have. What’s exciting is that you can eat it in 3 ways like you can eat it from the bag itself or you can mix it with milk and last but not least you can mix it with yogurt and have a fulfilling meal.

2.Yogabar Breakfast Cereal & Muesli

It is fairly a new brand but it has all the qualities needed to become the most loved brand and which is gained trust because of the health benefits that you are getting when you consume this breakfast cereal and muesli. It is your go-to morning breakfast reason being it is jam-packed with oats and brown rice along with almonds, raisins, and cranberries, further, they have added pumpkin seeds, chia seeds. flaxseeds which makes it a whole some breakfast. All the ingredients are natural, there is no artificial flavor added to this product, no use of gluten or processed sugar or any kind of chemicals so you are getting a natural breakfast cereal. So don’t forget to grab your breakfast cereal by the yoga bar.

3.True Elements Whole Oatmeal with Chia and Fruits

Another new brand in the market but it has gained its popularity within a short period of time. This product made it to our best breakfast cereal list because of a number of reasons like it has all the nutrients and energy that you need to have in the morning so that you can work hard without having to worry about gaining weight. If you can soak the cereal with a sufficient amount of chilled milk then you can have a bowl of nutrients and ready for you to slurp and also you don’t have to worry about making breakfast in a hurry. Usually, we forget to have a meal that is healthy and not junk that remains in our body for all the wrong reasons but this product will not add excess weight to our body.

True elements help you to lose weight but the protein-based cereal helps to gain the right amount of muscle without having any kind of side effects. It also checks on your blood sugar level and does not put your heart at any kind of risk. Further, the antioxidants of the cereals do not cause any kind of breakouts on your skin but help to maintain it.  Ingredients such as wholegrain oatmeal, rolled oats, chia seeds, dried and frozen cranberries, and dried strawberries not only gives you a nutrient-packed breakfast but also gives you a tasty breakfast. 


Which is the best breakfast cereal? 

Kellogg’s Crunchy Granola Almonds and Cranberries is the best breakfast cereal as it does not have preservatives and it is packed with oats, corns and fruit, and nuts. 

Which cereal is good for weight loss in India?

Yogabar Wholegrain Breakfast Muesli Fruits, Nuts + Seeds are good for weight loss because it has 92% wholegrain oats along with fruits and nuts. 

Does it contain any artificial sugar constituents? 

None of the three above mentioned products have any added sugar.

Can I give it to my kid?

You can feed it to your kids but make sure they are able to chew it well. 

Do we need to soak them overnight or can be eaten raw like a snack?

You can eat it without adding anything but it is best to soak it overnight or pour hot milk to rehydrate the cereal. 

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